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GenWorks Celebrates 10th Foundation Day With “Tech for Value” Digital Care Products

GenWorks Health marked its 10th Foundation Day by announcing and promoting digital care products with a wide range of features that make healthcare accessible and affordable. 

New Delhi (India), February 23: GenWorks Health marked its 10th Foundation Day by announcing the launch of TECHGenworks to promote digital solutions with a wide range of features that make healthcare accessible and affordable for building efficiency and scale. With the introduction of “Tech for Value,” GenWorks Health seeks to empower healthcare partners nationwide with innovative technology solutions that aim to elevate service delivery and facilitate comprehensive screening, diagnosis, and treatment in places that do not have easy access to high-quality healthcare.

Gen Service is a collaboration platform created for internal service users at Genworks. It helps improve day-to-day tasks and boost staff productivity by providing easy communication, service ticket management, and document sharing in one place. In this platform, a comprehensive database of IB (Install base) is maintained including details such as asset numbers, serial numbers, customer information, product names, and service contract details. This centralized repository greatly simplifies the service team workflow by facilitating easy access to information, making service calls more efficient.

Among the various Tech for Value products, GenWorks Live is a collaboration platform for internal users at GenWorks where sales, service, and application teams can collaborate for day-to-day activities, improving the productivity of the staff. The platform offers better services to customers, customization of market offerings, increased improvement in long-term relationships, competitive advantage, and higher return on investment. The GenWorks Live Platform also offers a convenient mobile application that allows the sales team to perform check-ins and check-outs at customer locations. GenLive is an excellent platform offering a competitive advantage in the market and generating higher returns on investment.  There is a huge interest in this solution and Genworks plans to white-label this technology and commercialize this unique platform for building value and scale for any healthcare company to support its customers & employees.

Adding to this is GenVCare, a platform designed to make standardized clinical protocols available for less-skilled clinicians or volunteers, along with integrated access to data generated by point-of-care devices offering quick access to experts on both internal and external panels. GenVCare simplifies healthcare delivery across care areas and wellness stages for prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. It provides Women’s Health, Respiratory, Hearing, and Primary care area workflows for screening and diagnosis. GenVCare is being promoted for performing mass screening programs, diagnostic centers, tier 2/3 hospitals, clinics (GP & specialty), healthcare aggregators, and non-hospital entities. More than 15,000 cervical and breast screenings have been performed using GenVCare platform so far.

Another digital product is SHE Guide, an app developed in partnership with the Public Awareness Committee of FOGSI (Federation of Obstetric & Gynaecological Societies of India) to promote public awareness of Women’s Health on a wide range of topics such as contraception, pregnancy, postpartum care, nutrition, etc. The app provides doctors with information that they may find helpful while performing their duties such as medication references and clinical guidelines. In addition, the SHE Guide can be used to promote relevant GenWorks products to doctors and can quickly link them to the appropriate product details pages of GenStore, where they can learn more. SHE Guide currently has 300+ users across India.

GenStore is an eCommerce website that plays the role of a digital storefront for the entire catalog of products offered by GenWorks. Customers can find the latest launches or jump right into their preferred product categories directly from the homepage. GenStore provides a product browser featuring a filter tool that allows customers to quickly find the products they want. The Product details pages feature a collection of product images, videos, and brochures along with other important decision-making information such as pricing, offers, delivery estimates, product certifications, and more. Quick and easy access to product specifications, seasonal offers, discount coupons, convenient payment options, and item-level order status tracking, makes GenStore the go-to platform for purchase of GenWorks products. Until now, GenStore has 7600+ active customers and 1400+ orders processed.

Finally, SwiftLink is a digital platform for supply chain automation to accelerate consumption-driven customer fulfilment, simplify bulk order placement & management, improve efficiency, and drive growth for customers. The platform makes it easy to place bulk orders and allows customers to repeat previous orders if required. One of the primary goals of SwiftLink is to promote visibility and transparency for all stakeholders by reducing information delays and time lags across the various touchpoints involved in order fulfilment. With real-time collaboration and order tracking, SwiftLink allows customers to maintain constant awareness of their order status. SwiftLink has managed to onboard 600+ customers/dealers with 250+ orders processed so far.

The last ten years have been monumental for GenWorks in making sure that everyone across the country realizes the importance of healthcare. Mr. S Ganesh Prasad said “Marking the completion of a decade of providing seamless healthcare accessibility and affordability until the last mile of the country, GenWorks Health is pleased to launch “TECHGenworks” for providing Tech to enhance value and scale. These solutions have been developed and have been under use for internal and external pilots and have received huge appreciation from the various stakeholders. Our Digital Access is building huge value and success for many of our OEMs and we can launch & grow their products and solutions significant beneficiaries are the Femtech solutions of Medtronic, and MODT which have seen huge success. We can launch any new product or solution to be a commercial blockbuster within 90 days of launch leveraging our tech capabilities.

About GenWorks: GenWorks is a leading healthcare solutions provider committed to enhancing healthcare access and outcomes. With a mission to improve healthcare for all, GenWorks offers a range of innovative solutions that support healthcare professionals in providing top-tier care to patients.

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