Friday, May 24th, 2024

Techknowgreen Solutions Receives Work Order of Rs.98.10 Mn

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 21: Techknowgreen Solutions Limited(BSE: 543991), one of India’s leading environmental consulting companies announced receiving a new work order for “Evaluation of Air Quality in different indoor Environments in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR).

Representing Maharashtra State, with a particular focus on Non-Attainment Areas and critically impacted regions, the study aims to formulate Best Practices for enhancing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with a contract period of 15 months from the date of LOA.

The study extends to assessing various types of indoor spaces such as schools, cinema halls, restaurants, shopping malls, offices, residential units, local trains/buses, and other critically impacted areas that have significant human exposure potential to air pollution indoors & devising strategies that could mitigate risks / vulnerability in broader terms.

Objectives Of The Proposed Study 

Phase I:

• Assessing AQ status in selected indoor micro-environments.

• Identifying major sources in selected indoor environment.  

Phase II: • Empirical assessment of health risk due to exposure.

• Elemental receptor modeling for assessment of health risk parameters.  

Phase III:

• Evaluation of interventions and formulation of best practices for breathable air quality.  

Phase IV:

• Planning a longitudinal study for better understanding of IAQ and health dynamics.  

Commenting on the order, Dr. Ajay Ojha. Managing Director, Techknowgreen Solutions Limited said “We are truly excited about our recent project, which involves assessing the indoor air quality across MMR,focusing specifically on Non-Attainment Areas and critically / severely impacted regions potentially representative of our State. The project also includes formulating best practices to enhance Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and it comes with a substantial value of ₹98.10 million. This accomplishment marks a major achievement for Techknowgreen, signifying a noteworthy milestone in our continuous journey. These achievements highlight our unwavering commitment to making a positive influence, as we pursue significant growth, solidifying our standing as leaders not only in business success but also in environmental responsibility. It also shows the government of Maharashtra’s quest to be leader in Air Quality Management not only outdoors but also at exposure assessment & management level. Mr. Prasad Pawar, CEO and Director, Techknowgreen Solutions Limited said “We are thrilled to announce our [one of first of its kind] recent achievement in securing an order for the “Evaluation of Air Quality in various indoor environments across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR).” This success signifies a substantial growth in our business. It not only underscores our financial robustness but also reaffirms our strategic positioning within the environmental consulting sector. In the fiscal year 2023-2024, our company has garnered work orders amounting to ₹430.44 Mn. This strategic approach is pivotal in establishing us as key drivers for sustainable expansion through exploring new sectors of air quality research and businesses therein.”