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Empowering Rural India: ClickSkills EdTech Pvt Ltd Introduces New Course: ‘Learn Data Science in Marathi’

New Delhi (India), February 16: ClickSkills EdTech Pvt Ltd, an innovative startup dedicated to enhancing IT education in India’s rural areas, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest course offering: ‘Learn Data Science in Marathi’.

Designed to cater to the growing demand for regional language education in the field of data science, this comprehensive course covers fundamental concepts such as data basics, data cleaning, Python programming, and essential Python libraries including Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib. Additionally, the curriculum delves into SQL, machine learning algorithms, and prediction modeling, providing learners with a well-rounded understanding of data science principles and techniques.

ClickSkills EdTech Pvt Ltd specializes in delivering courses in Indian regional languages, with a strong emphasis on Marathi. The company’s commitment to linguistic diversity in education caters to engineering students, computer science graduates, and individuals looking to enhance their IT skills.

“We are excited to expand our course offerings with the introduction of ‘Learn Data Science in Marathi’,” Prathamesh Sakhadeo, Founder of ClickSkills EdTech Pvt Ltd. “By providing education in regional languages, we aim to make IT learning more accessible and inclusive, particularly for students who live in rural areas.”

In addition to the new data science course, ClickSkills offers a range of other courses, including ‘Python Foundation in Marathi’, ‘JavaScript in Marathi’, ‘Basics of Digital Marketing in Marathi’, ‘SQL Foundation’, and ‘WordPress Foundation’. The company provides both recorded foundational courses and extensive offline programs, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience for all learners.

Furthermore, ClickSkills is pioneering the integration of recruitment services, bridging the gap between education and employment. With over 8000 registered users and more than 3800 paid enrollments, ClickSkills’ business model demonstrates significant market traction and underscores its position as a leader in Marathi language IT education.

“Our goal is not only to educate but also to empower individuals with the skills they need to succeed in the IT industry,” added Prathamesh Sakhadeo. “By offering courses in regional languages and facilitating job readiness, we aim to make a tangible impact on the lives of our learners and contribute to the growth of the Indian IT sector.”

With a blend of online and offline education, recruitment services, and a commitment to educational innovation and social impact, ClickSkills is revolutionizing the Indian education sector.

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