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Discovering “Long Way to Myself” by Soham Anand – A Journey of Creative Fulfillment at 74

New Delhi (India), January 16: BlueRose Publishers, guided by the visionary leadership of Founder and CEO, Mr. Syed Arshad. It is with great pride and joy to announce the release of a new book by the talented Mr. Soham Anand. Mr. Syed Arshad is glad to be associated with this publication under the roof of BlueRose Publishers.

Meet Soham Anand, a distinguished educationist, teacher and administrator hailing from the picturesque city of Dehradun. At the age of 74, he serves as a beacon of inspiration, having recently penned a book titled “Long Way to Myself,” a profound exploration into the realms of creativity, self-discovery and the pursuit of meaning.

As an educationist and former school principal, Soham Anand has dedicated his life to shaping young minds and fostering learning environments. His journey takes a remarkable turn with the release of “Long Way to Myself,” a literary endeavor that transcends the realms of textbooks and lesson plans. 

In the words of Soham Anand, “A sense of creative satisfaction—we all consciously or unconsciously desire to, in our lifetime, create something substantial that gives our lives meaning. This book precisely does that.”

 The genesis of “Long Way to Myself” was anything but planned. According to Soham Anand, “It was an accident—an unplanned outpouring of thoughts and reflections that, when compiled, took the shape of a book. Despite the lack of deliberate motivation, the result is a testament to the spontaneous beauty of creativity”. 

“To be honest, there wasn’t any motivation; it was just an accident,” confesses Soham Anand, emphasizing the authenticity of his creative process.

“Long Way to Myself” is not just a book; it is an art of living—a manifestation of the author’s journey towards being a good human being. At the heart of the narrative lies a profound philosophy that transcends age and resonates with readers on a universal level.

When asked about his source of inspiration, Soham Anand succinctly responds, “I read. Yes, I do. Poetry” This revelation offers a glimpse into the poetic soul that infuses his writing, showcasing a deep appreciation for the beauty and cadence of language. 

At 74, Soham Anand gracefully deflects the idea of dispensing advice, stating, “I am in no position to offer advice to anyone.” Yet, his life’s journey, as reflected in “Long Way to Myself,” serves as an implicit guide—a testament to the power of embracing creativity, self-discovery, and the journey of life. 

“Long Way to Myself” invites readers to embark on a reflective journey, guided by the wisdom and experiences of a seasoned educationist. For those seeking inspiration, creative fulfillment, and a deeper understanding of the human spirit, Soham Anand’s book promises a profound exploration of life’s myriad dimensions.

To delve into “Long Way to Myself” and experience the wisdom of Soham Anand, visit Amazon and embark on a journey that transcends age, inviting readers to discover the richness of their own selves through the lens of a seasoned educator and author.

BlueRose publishers promise the book to be a captivating addition to the literary landscape, and look forward to your support in making it a success. 

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