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Jehangir Hospital Tackles Rising Digestive Health Concerns with Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Services

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], January 15: Amidst a burgeoning health crisis, taking proactive measures to combat the surging prevalence of Non-Communicable Diseases is imperative. A recent survey on primary healthcare in the country by ASSOCHAM has identified digestive disorders as the top three NCDs affecting the nation along with diabetes and Hypertension. Of particular concern is the alarming rise in digestive issues, significantly contributing to the increasing burden of lifestyle diseases.

Recent scientific studies also underscore the critical role of gut health in overall wellness, an aspect often overlooked. The intricate relationship between diet and gut health is pivotal for proper digestion, immune function, and mental health, as revealed by a study in the Journal of Translational Medicine.

Examination of the digestive health of the urban population in India reveals a staggering statistic: 7 in 10 urban Indians grapple with gut health issues, according to a recent survey by Country Delight and the Indian Dietetic Association, Mumbai. Of this group, almost 60% experience digestive problems on a weekly basis, while 12% endure them daily. The survey also unveils a direct correlation between digestive issues and mental health challenges, with nearly 60% of urbanites reporting both gut issues and mental health challenges like anxiety, poor memory, mood swings, and lack of energy.

As a community, it is imperative to assume responsibility for our well-being, particularly in the context of the escalating diseases and illnesses of the gastrointestinal system (GIS) attributable to considerable lifestyle changes over the past decade.

Jehangir Hospital is at the forefront, offering comprehensive gastrointestinal services coupled with state-of-the-art facilities. The hospital’s commitment is underscored by a three-pronged approach

As with all other aspects of our life, technology advancements in healthcare are also rapid. With the advent of superior imaging technology in GI endoscopy, Jehangir Hospital has taken a step forward by upgrading its Endoscopy systems and adding on newer Instruments to enhance and widen its scope with constantly upgrading and enhancing the scope of its Endoscopy Department.  Hospital’s State of the Art Endoscopy department has been at the forefront in the field of Endoscopy. High definition Endoscopy for diagnosis and advanced Endoscopy for treatment (Therapeutic Endoscopy) are being performed at the centre for the last 3 years.

The advanced upgraded Centre for Endoscopy includes:
The latest Exera 3 Video Endoscopy system with 190 series endoscopes from which provide distinct advantages such as dual focus, Brighter and higher contrast Narrow Band Imaging and Improved image quality which are invaluable in early diagnosis of GI cancers and classification of colonic and gastric polyps without the need for biopsies. It also helps in diagnosing cancers at a very early stage where using these systems and skills, early cancers or precancerous lesions can be resected even without the need for surgery. The new scopes also feature an integrated water jet channel helping the endoscopists to have a clearer view during haemostasis in actively bleeding patients or during complex therapeutic procedures

The EUS or Endosonography is a newer technology used primarily for 3 indications:
 1. Diagnosis of very small lesions not picked up on routine imaging modalities like CT or MRI, e.g. for picking up small 2-3 mm stones in bile ducts or very small tumors even < 5 mm in diameter.
 2. In addition it allows the use of EUS guided Fine needle aspiration for accurate diagnosis of GI cancers without the need for conventional biopsies
 3. Newer interventional EUS guided procedures like EUS guided biliary drainage, EUS guided Pancreatic pseudocyst drainages which today have become the norm for complicated endoscopic drainages today saving patients of prolonged percutaneous drainages or surgery.

Hospital has recently added newer equipment like 1. ERCP Scope which will facilitate the treatment of disorders like jaundice, pancreatic cancers etc, 2. Double Channel Gastroscope will simplify the treatment of patients who present with blood vomiting, 3. Advanced Endoscopy Processor with high definition monitor which allows the best resolution of enabling early diagnosis of ulcers tumors cancers at a very early and curable stage, and 4. Advanced Colonoscope with high definition resolution and magnification for diagnosis and treatment of colonic polyps, removal of which helps prevent development of Colon Cancers.

According to Dr Parimal Lawate, Senior Consultant and the Director at Department of Endoscopy at Jehangir Hospital, “Hundreds of patients have benefited with the available technology and a team of expert doctors are available at our Centre. These procedures are done as a day care and are incisionless leading to cure and early discharge on the same day.”

“The centre is known for patient experiences by offering one stop solution to all GI problems and interventions in a single place, avoiding unnecessary shifting of patients or equipment to the OT for advanced therapeutic procedures. A dedicated Recovery area post endoscopy enhances patient comfort and convenience. It allows better time utilization of the Endoscopy as well as the OT in turn increasing the patient satisfaction and ease of doing procedures for our doctors” added Dr Lalit Shimpi, Senior consultant department of Endoscopy at Jehangir Hospital.

Jehangir hospital believes in constant technological advancements while retaining its core values of top class patient care which is Accessible for all.

Mr Vinod Swantwadkar, CEO Jehangir Hospital, stated, “Hospital is one of very few comprehensive advanced endoscopy centres in the city. Jehangir Hospital Endoscopy Centre is the state-of-the-art facility specializing in disease of the digestive tract, which offers a full range of endoscopic services for comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the gastrointestinal tract. Our Endoscopy Center offers both diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy procedures, including upper endoscopy (EGD), colonoscopy, therapeutic endoscopy, and Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), manometry and caters to pediatrics to the adult age group and “Our Medical Experts at are committed to providing individualized care that is skillfully tailored to meet each patient’s unique health needs, with a focus on gastro-intestinal care in particular. Our unwavering focus is still on our patients’ wellbeing, and we make sure they receive excellent care that embodies Jehangir’s dedication to supporting them on their unique path to gastrointestinal health.”

 The USP of the hospital includes:

Cutting-Edge Facilities: Jehangir Hospital houses a modern endoscopy lab along with  intensive care units (ICUs) manned by highly skilled healthcare professionals, prioritizing critical care for patients with severe gastrointestinal conditions.

Specialized Expertise: A team of experienced gastroenterologists, surgeons, and technicians with up-to-date knowledge ensures accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and proficient management of gastrointestinal disorders.

Preventive Focus: Acknowledging the pivotal role of prevention, Jehangir Hospital places emphasis on lifestyle modifications to maintain optimal digestive health. Expert guidance on dietary habits and exercise routines, forms an integral part of the hospital’s approach to promoting overall well-being.

Jehangir Hospital’s Vision:

Jehangir Hospital envisions transforming the current health crisis into an opportunity for positive change. By prioritizing preventive care, advocating lifestyle modifications, and providing comprehensive gastrointestinal services, the hospital aims to significantly contribute to the reduction of diseases from the community

Individuals are encouraged to take control of their well-being, giving precedence to digestive health and partnering with Jehangir Hospital on the journey to a healthier and happier life. Together, a community that values and invests in preventive healthcare can be built, ensuring a better future for all.

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