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Enabling Offline Retail Expansion – The Story of SCICO

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 21: In a digital age dominated by online presence, businesses often overlook the enduring significance of offline channels. While the online realm undeniably offers global reach and sales opportunities, the brick-and-mortar landscape remains a vital cornerstone for establishing enduring brands. Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company, a leading sales and marketing strategic consulting firm, specializes in navigating the intricacies of the offline business landscape, transcending beyond mere clicks to cultivate a distinct niche in the industry.

Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company, leveraging extensive experience gained from collaborations with industry giants such as Unilever, Apeejay Typhoo, and Vegit Merino since its establishment in 2017, has been at the forefront of driving successful retail ventures over the past 8 years. Recognizing the undeniable growth of the e-commerce sector, the company underscores the enduring significance of offline businesses. 

In India, which has around 12 million retail stores, Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company asserts that focusing on strategic efforts in offline retail can build brand loyalty, nurture customer relationships, and establish a strong market presence. 

According to Vijay Sokhi, Founder of Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company, “Retail is a challenging business to enter. Every element is crucial for achieving brand success. However, two of the most important requirements are product quality and a consistent presence. When I refer to ‘product,’ I mean that every marketing effort is futile unless the product delivers when in the hands of the consumer. Regarding ‘presence,’ once you have entered the market, you must ensure continuous business sustainability.”

The offline retail sector in India is substantial, with customers continuing to place trust in traditional purchases. This trust forms a cornerstone for the effectiveness of offline marketing in establishing brands. Recognizing this, Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company has introduced three innovative marketing tools – Sharp’s Map Tap Adapt, Sharp’s Spark, and Sharp’s Sales solution, designed to assist businesses in fortifying their brand presence in the offline landscape.

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About SCICO (Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company): 

Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company is a firm dedicated to the successful launching and expansion of brands. Operating on a broad spectrum, the company offers guidance to businesses of varying sizes, empowering them with strategic insights and implementation support. The distinctive approach of actively engaging at the grassroots level during launch, re-launch, or business scaling sets the company apart. This unique involvement in the actual implementation process positions Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company as a highly sought-after consultant in the realms of sales and marketing strategy.

LinkedIn Profile Link: Vijay Sokhi, Founder of Sharp Consulting and Implementing Company

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