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Sunonaa is India’s First Digital Listening Movement and Inviting 100 million Listeners

September 9: It has always been said that listening is proven to build authentic connections. Listening can be really therapeutic and peaceful. Reaching out to share your story can help you in overcoming your struggles and pains. When Sonali Singh first stood on the streets to listen to people, some beautiful souls came forward and shared extremely powerful stories. It was the birth of India’s largest emotional support system, Sunonaa.

Sunonaa is an emotional support platform that connects a teller and a listener; Tellers talk their heart out and listeners listen with attention and care. The initiative started from Indian Coffee Home; a café situated in Delhi with a poster for the public eye that read — ‘I am listening.’ 

A small initiative turned into a huge success and then became a weekly affair and people showed their participation in great numbers and it became a community of speakers-listeners that support each other.

Sunonaa is India’s first digital listening movement, inviting 100 million listeners while building the largest support network in the country. Having hundreds of listeners standing by,  this platform frequently holds sessions of listening and building an atmosphere where everyone feels safe. Sunonaa hosts listening circles and also conducts listening skills training for volunteers, individuals and organizations. They strongly believe in building a safe, compassionate world through the power of listening.

Sonali says, “I experienced the need of a non judgemental ear in my childhood when there was extreme physical and emotional violence around. Who could I talk to? I did not know. I wish I had someone to let me know that there is nothing wrong with me and I am not alone in my teens, when I was filled with insecurities and doubts about myself. I had teachers, friends, mentors but not anybody where I did not need to hide parts of myself that I was ashamed of. When I started working, I remember going to office washrooms and crying because I did not feel like I belonged anywhere.

I have now realized that It is not  just me, statistically 1 in every 3 people are experiencing sadness in varied forms and stages. I personally feel all of us are experiencing this dip at some point in the day or week or month. 

With sunonaa, we are building an emotional support network for all of us. We are a group of volunteers actively providing active listening support to underprivileged teens from various traumatic backgrounds. “

Reviews by the Users 

Sunonaa has thousands of users across the globe and is known for its unique service, let’s catch a glimpse of what its users say about it and services that are offered by them;

A user says, “Sunonaa helped me get through some really tough days. Being someone who finds out difficult to speak, I realised it take longer time to open up and discover for myself about what exactly is bothering me, what exactly it is that I want to speak and feel. I truly like the concept and appreciate the efforts of the volunteers. I was just being me.”

Another user says, “I felt peace after my first session. As if the constant chattering in my head, suddenly was out and released and I felt like I was carrying such huge burden all this while. I then come to the space again and again and it makes me feel seen and supported.”

A user wrote; “I think it was the first time when someone was listening to me like that. I truly felt heard. I said things that I could never share before even with the closest. I felt freer and more relaxed after the session.”

More wonderful and thanking notes have been written about Sunonaa. It surely gives a safe space to people where they can speak, live and express themselves.

What can Sunonaa Do?

Sunonaa listens. 

To put in their words, “We Simply Listen. We don’t ask questions. We don’t give advice. We don’t Judge.”

People here, leave any perception of being judged, listening to you carefully, and connecting to you is all they do.

Things that Sunonaa can do for you includes;

  • Connecting you to a listener
  • Listening each other in a circle on a video call
  • Listening workshops that allows you to learn how to become a better listener
  • Connecting you to experienced and wonderful counselors.

​Know more about Sunonaa

Sunonaa is providing listening sessions through NGOs working with underprivileged communities in Pune, Bangalore, Tripura, Delhi etc. They are also giving mental health awareness training, empathy skills, listening training and volunteer opportunities to colleges and universities.

To connect and know more about Sunonaa, visit


Contact on: 9641606567 or email at we@sunonaa.com

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