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The Neosphere Arthritis Foundation organized a month-long campaign to spread awareness about arthritis and other joint-related issues

May 27: Arthritis affects over 210 million people in India- prevalence higher than diseases such as diabetes, AIDS, and cancer. The Neosphere Arthritis Foundation observed the month of May as the Arthritis Awareness Month. It organized a month-long campaign to spread awareness about arthritis and other joint-related issues. Many doctors, specialists, experts, and arthritis warriors joined this month-long campaign. 

Dr. Lalita Vaitheeswaran in her session on “Women Health and Arthritis” insisted that women must not ignore their health care and must be consciously aware of their health needs. Dr. Veena Ramanthan revealed that right homeopathy medicine for arthritis could alleviate the pain and stiffness of joints in her session on “Homeopathy and Arthritis”. In a discussion on “Ortho Health and Arthritis”, Dr. Avinash Pal advised people to keep a constant check on health with regular exercise to ensure early detection of the condition.  Dr. Shweta Mathur Lall in her conversation on “Dental health and Arthritis” gave an insight on gum inflammation management in Arthritis and how to maintain good oral hygiene. Dr. Pawan Kumar Ralhan shared the benefits of Naturopathy in Arthritis in his interactive session.

Another interesting series organized by Neosphere Arthritis Foundation was the conversation with Arthritis Warriors. Ms. Ishrat Umar was one of them who not only inspired fellow arthritis warriors with her inspiring story but also advised weight management and moderate exercise to keep a check on inflammation and pain.

The programs and sessions of this month-long campaign were moderated by Neosphere administrators Ms. Lakshmi Ajoy, Ms. Anita Chand, and Ms. Sheela Iyer.

Mr. Manoj Krishnan (Founder, Neosphere Arthritis Foundation) and Ms. Shivpriya (Director, Neosphere Arthritis Foundation) thanked all for supporting their efforts to build awareness about arthritis.

The Neosphere Arthritis Foundation is an India-based support group that aims to spread awareness about arthritis to those suffering from this chronic ailment and their caregivers.

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